In the future this section describes the projects in which the smart levee plays a central role. The parameters monitored and the lessons learnt for now and the future are described for each experiment. If the experiment was conducted by the IJkdijk foundation, the experiment is called a "LiveDike" or an "IJkdijk validation experiment". The descriptions include both national and international projects.

A short description of each experiment will be given covering the following areas:
-    a brief description of the project (the location, starting date, duration, the goal of monitoring and the client)
-    what has been measured during the project (the parameters and the instruments used)
-    the end result of the measurements. The monitoring need will also be discussed. Most parameters monitored are not directly linked to what people want to know. People don't want to know the temperature of the water; they want to know when and where piping occurs. This involves indirect measurements. Where appropriate, the benefits of the measurements will be described.
-    any noteworthy specifics relating to the project.

The projects will been broken down into a number of categories and sub-categories: type of levee, type of construction, type of failure mechanism and life cycle phase.

In the meantime you can reed more about the results of large-scale experiments on the website of Stichting FloodControl IJkdijk.